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American Aluminium AlloysAmerican Aluminium Alloys

Smiths stocks a wide range of American specification Aluminium Alloys

Forming part of our extensive range of aluminium products, Smiths stock a broad range of American aluminium alloys in a wide variety of shapes and sizes which are available ex-stock.

Our range includes plate, bar, sheet, tubes, wire, extrusions and pipe. These alloys are offered with unprecedented levels of traceability thanks to our in-house bespoke management systems where all our stocked products carry a unique bar code to ensure that we can trace the material from supplier right through to the end user. We also have the capability to process your alloys utilising our own processing services which are available at our Head Office and local service centre level.

Our range of American aluminium alloys are used in aerospace and high technology applications. This includes commercial and military aerospace applications.

Product Range:

AMS QQA 200/3 2024 A high strength aluminium alloy used in aerospace and high technology applications
AMS QQA 200/8 6061 Offering very good machinability and good resistance to corrosive atmospheric attack
AMS QQA 200/11 7075 Another high strength alloy with very good machinability
AMS QQA 225/6 2024 Offering very good machinability and is excellent when welding using resistance, spot and beam methods
AMS QQA 225/8 6061 A medium strength alloy offering very good machinability and very good weldability using inert gas, resistance, spot or beam welding
AMS QQA 225/9 7075 A high strength alloy offering very good machinability and very good weldability
AMS QQA 250/4 Offering high yield strength with good fatigue resistance and excellent toughness
AMS QQA 250/5 2024 Offering good machinability and very good resistance to atmospheric corrosion attack
AMS QQA 250/11 6061 A medium strength sheet alloy with good formability and good weldability
AMS QQA 250/12 A very high strength aerospace aluminium with superior stress corrosion resistance
AMS QQA 250/13 7075 Offering high strength with fair formability in the 'O' condition
AMS WW T 700/3 Has fair corrosion resistance and offers greater strength than both 2024 & 2017
AMS WW T 700/6 Offers good corrosion resistance, formability and machinability

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