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Metal ProcessingMetal Processing

Our metal processing options open up the possibility for us to supply your engineering raw materials in sizes, lengths, finishes and coatings that are already one-step closer to the finished component you have in mind

For many customers, the most inefficient manufacturing operations are the initial 'cutting-to-size' operations that tie-up machines and operators that are meant to be doing more complicated work. This is where we can help.

We have invested more than a million pounds in machinery designed specifically for these simple initial processing operations and we've set-up work cells that do it as efficiently as possible. By taking advantage of this service our customers are able to get on with the more complex manufacturing operations that earn them money.

Processing Advantages:

  •   You avoid ‘hidden’ costs associated with scrap, paperwork and inspections

  •   You start with quality pieces. All of our processing is covered by ISO 9001:2000

  •   You get the product when you need it. Lead times are kept to a minimum

  •   We have no minimum processing quantity, even down to one blank!

  •   Our high machine utilisation makes the cost to you as low as possible

  •   You don’t have to hold stock. We can arrange cutting schedules to suit you

  •   We’re capable of handling very large processing jobs (10,000 cuts or more!)

Note that we also utilise our processing services to provide you with engineering plastics which are cut to specific sizes.

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