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Quality - the very foundation on which our business is builtQuality

Our Quality Management System is not a concept that is "bolted-on" to the rest of our business. It is the foundation upon which our business runs

We have a completely embedded QMS that is robust, transparent and meets the needs of the most demanding customer applications. The system has traceability at its very heart. Every piece of material that enters our warehouses is given a unique reference number which stays with it as a record and a barcode label whilst that material is under our care.

Our business systems have two main drivers. First is our rigorous approach to process accuracy. We continuously refine all of our business processes to eliminate the smallest possible deviations. Secondly,we do all of this in a highly efficient manner.

Our business systems automatically perform hundreds of checks on every order that goes through our system - this means we have been able to implement highest standards of process quality.

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We hold over 40 group customer aerospace approvals including:

Airbus, AgustaWestland, BAE Systems, and Bombardier

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