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Copper forms the basis of a number of very useful alloys (brass, bronze etc.) however, it remains an extremely useful metal in its own right

The versatility of copper alloys should not be underestimated – by combining copper with other metals the resulting alloys can be made to fit almost any application.

Copper has an electrical conductivity that is superior to all metals other than silver and it has a very high thermal conductivity too. It can be worked very easily making it the material of choice for many applications. Its ability to form a protective oxide film with an attractive green patina has also made it the material of choice for many constructional applications, particularly roofing.

The softness of 'commercially pure' copper makes it a difficult metal to machine. In its more highly alloyed state (particularly with the addition of zinc and lead to form free cutting brass, against which almost all other metals are indexed for their machinability) this is not a problem, but to retain the higher conductivity of copper or its aesthetic appearance, the addition of sulphur gives a greatly increased cutting ability, to as high as 80% on the machinability index.

Tellurium can be used an alternative to sulphur to obtain the same result.


  • Electrical including wire assemblies, power and energy efficiency systems
  • Industrial including a broad use in the electronics sector
  • Automotive including critical electrical components
  • Oil & Gas including piping systems
  • Subsea applications in harsh marine environments


We offer wide range of copper alloys in a variety of shapes and sizes to our customers, ex-stock. Our range includes C101 (CW004A), C103 (CW008A), C106 (CW024A), C109 (CW118C), C110 (CW009A) and C111 (CW114C). We also offer processing services at Head Office and UK service centres which means we can cut your copper alloys to suit your specific requirements.

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