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Copper Nickel AlloysCopper Nickel Alloys

Copper-nickel alloys (often referred to as cupro-nickels) offer moderate to high strength and excellent resistance to various waters, including seawater and form a protective surface film in such conditions

Copper Nickel Alloys provide good anti-fouling properties and weldability.

The precipitation hardenable copper nickels (DEF STAN 02-835 and Ultibron™-NB) possess high strength and are used as an alternative to the 90/10 and 70/30 alloys and other copper alloys such as nickel aluminium bronze in marine applications. Other useful attributes include low magnetic permeability, imperviousness to hydrogen embrittlement, no loss of impact strength down to minus 196°C and good jet impingement resistance.


Applications for 90/10 and 70/30 alloys mainly involve tubes and plates in heat exchangers, including desalination and seawater piping systems. 70/30 alloy is also used for hose couplings, mechanical seals and pump shafts. Applications for the high strength cupro-nickels are varied and cover subsea bolting in Oil & Gas to hydraulic connectors and valve stems.

Usage in Naval vessels is widespread, for example, for bolting, propeller shafts, sonar components and weapons handling equipment. Copper-nickel alloys are also finding new applications replacing beryllium-copper alloys due to environmental difficulties in their manufacture.


Smiths offer a wide range of copper nickel alloys to choose from in a variety of shapes and sizes. Our range includes DEF-STAN 02-779 (NES779), DEF-STAN 02-780 (NES780), DEF-STAN 02-835 (NES835) and Ultibron™-NB. We also offer a complete processing service at our Head Office and local UK service centres where we can cut your material to suit your specific needs.

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