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Titanium AlloysTitanium Alloys

Titanium is a light, strong metal with a natural resistance to marine and chlorine corrosion

It has the highest strength to weight ratio of any metal and even in its unalloyed form it is as strong as some steels but around 45% lighter. Commercially pure (CP) titanium is a term used to describe unalloyed titanium for industrial use. Minor impurities such as carbon, iron and oxygen still exist in these materials but their levels can be controlled to produce a range of product attributes.

Titanium alloys contain additional quantities of other elements such as vanadium and aluminium to further enhance mechanical properties and corrosion resistance. At Smiths, we recognise the need to provide value added services - which is why we offer an in-house processing department to cut your material to specific sizes.


With such a high strength to weight ratio, Titanium has become a highly sort after material and is used in widespread applications. In the medical sector for example, titanium has proved extremely popular in the production of medical implants. In the motorsport and automotive sector, the advantages of introducing titanium into car and motorcycle designs are obvious with manufacturers looking to make competitive gains whilst maintaining safety.

Titanium is also widely used in the aerospace sector in airframe structures and jet engines. Oil, Gas & Petrochemical also make good use of this alloy and also the power generation industry too.

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