A Variety of Forms

Our range of titanium shapes is available in forms including flat bar, plate, round bar and sheet, which are available to our customers on an ex-stock basis. We also process these products in house. Click on an image below to view the different shapes we offer.

Titanium Shapes Stock.

Titanium Forms

Our titanium stock range comes in a range of shapes to suit the majority of engineering applications and machining processes.

We stock flats, plate, round bar and sheet and can even offer forgings if required. The majority of our titanium products are supplied by our motorsport division, Smiths High Performance.

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High Performance

Titanium is an ideal alloy for applications where weight reduction is required while maintaining strength. Our titanium products find use in a variety of applications including motorsport and aerospace.

Pure titanium is used in applications such as medical implants. Alloyed titanium includes additional elements to improve overall performance for high-performance applications.

Our titanium stock represents a major financial investment - the product is significantly more expensive than other alloys. However, we recognise the value in making high-performance alloys available to our customers.