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Smith's bespoke business systems are industry leadingBusiness Systems

Industry leading bespoke business systems

Over many years we have developed a highly robust and efficient business management system that sets strict controls for the way every order passes through our business

Our systems are highly robust, with hundreds of automated checks that ensure every order is accurately processed, delivered on time and meets the strict requirements of our Quality Management System.

The system manages every aspect of our daily operations from enquiry capture through to delivery to a customer's premises.

Stock Management

Our systems use complex algorithms to manage stock levels on a daily basis. We use a combination of historic demand, known future demand and strategic planning as inputs to maintain stock levels that give us the best chance of being able to satisfy the next incoming customer order from stock. We have used this system to create a sustainable stock range of less common products and specifications too, meaning we are able to supply these products on much shorter lead times than other stockholders.

The system maintains full stock integrity and traceability of each and every product that we accept into stock. The process starts at goods in with every batch being automatically checked for tolerances closer than that specified by the appropriate British or International Standard, and then verified that each batch meets the specification and dimensions specified on our Purchase Order. Each batch of stock carries very detailed information on the standard, specification and approval at all times.

We also have tight traceability controls - we monitor every single item of stock in our warehouses and we know everything that has happened to it from the moment it arrived at our goods-in to the moment it was delivered.

Order Processing

We have put a great deal of thought into the way in which we process the orders we receive from customers.

Our aim is to process every order we receive accurately and efficiently meaning that our customers get exactly the materials they want and they get them on time. At the same time, however, we've worked hard to make our systems flexible allowing customers to order materials in whatever units of measure they want using their own language or descriptions.

All customer requirements are verified during quotation and order creation, with computer initiated and monitored peer contract review and automated checks to guarantee accuracy.

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