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Alloy 718 Nickel AlloyAlloy 718

Nickel Chromium Alloy

Alloy 718 is a nickel chromium alloy which can be readily fabricated and has outstanding welding characteristics, especially if resistance to post weld cracking is required.

The ease in which Alloy 718 can be fabricated offers significant benefits to the customer in terms of economy and performance. The material offers a combination of high tensile, fatigue, rupture and creep strength making it an extremely versatile alloy. Alloy 718 is used in applications ranging from simple fasteners to cryogenic tanks and rocket fuel cylinders.

Corrosion Resistance:

Alloy 718 has versatile resistance to corrosion which is outstanding, even in severe corrosive environments. The material also shows superior resistance to high temperature effects such as oxidation and carburization. It is an excellent choice for seawater and sour gas applications.

Download Alloy 718 Nickel Alloy Datasheet

Typical Applications:

  • Wellhead components
  • Safety valves
  • Downhole equipment
  • Containment vessels
  • Cryogenic tankage
  • Gas turbine engines
  • Components for liquid fuelled rockets
  • Aircraft engines

We offer Alloy 718 nickel alloy in bar, tube, strip, plate and sheet.


We offer processing services throughout the Smiths Group - with more than 30 band saws and a fully automated magazine feed CNC rod blanking line, we can process your material to your exact requirements.

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