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Stainless steels are a group of steels that contain at least 10.5% chromium. The addition chromium in the alloying process, along with a wide variety of others, generally improves corrosion resistance and mechanical properties. Click on an image below to view our material range.

Stainless Steel Product Range.

Vast Stock Range

Stainless finds use in a wide range of applications, including the oil & gas industry for pressure vessels and clinical environments such as hospitals, laboratories and food preparation areas.

We offer our customers a vast stock range of standard stainless steel grades in shapes and sizes to your engineering requirements.

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Why Choose Smiths?

We stock products in closer incremental sizes which results in materials which are closer to your finished engineering requirements.

We are smarter than your average stockholder with a sizeable volume of certifications & approvals to substantiate this claim. We have supply approvals from the world's major OEMs across a wide range of industries.

With our unique barcoding system combined with the power of industry-leading bespoke systems, all our products are totally traceable while under our care.