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Phosphor BronzePhosphor Bronze

High corrosion resistance with versatility

Phosphor bronze which is often referred to as tin bronze or phos bronze is an alloy of copper, tin and phosphorous. The alloy offers high corrosion resistance and is a versatile material used in numerous applications.

About Phosphor Bronze

Historically it is one of the world’s oldest metal alloys with its origins going back some 4000 years. Initially the material was used in the production of items such as jewellery and weapons. Certainly the introduction of this material was revolutionary for its time.


The introduction of tin (up to 13%) results in a significant increase in the strength and corrosion resistance of the alloy. The inclusion of phosphorous (typically up to 0.35%) increases the stiffness and wear resistance of the alloy. It acts as a deoxidant which improves fluidity and therefore the castability of the material. Whilst the alloy is well known for high corrosion resistance and good wear resistance characteristics, phosphor bronze also offers good thermal and electrical conductivity with excellent spring and plating properties.


The material is used in a wide range of applications, particularly in the marine sector in the production of propellers. It is also used in bearings, gears, worm gears, springs and bushes, and also electrical applications and can be found in market sectors such as aerospace, chemical and marine. Smiths Metal Centres specialise in the stocking and supply of phosphor bronze products including PB1 and SigmaBronze12, the latter of which is our own designation and offers superior charateristics and is available in metric sizes.

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