A range of Bronze Shapes

With a broad range of standard, aluminium, leaded and phosphor bronze products available, we support our stock range with an array of shapes to suit all eventualities. We offer bars (multiple forms), plate, sheet and tubes. Click on an image below to view the different shapes we offer.

Bronze Shapes Stock.

Large Inventory

Our stock inventory of bronze shapes is supplied in a wide range of grades covering aluminium, leaded and phosphor bronzes.

Regardless of the bronze form you require, there is a high level of stock certainty when speaking to us and will also supply the product to you cut to your size requirements.

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Why Choose Smiths?

We stock products in closer incremental sizes which results in materials which are closer to your finished engineering requirements.

Quality forms the very foundation on which our business is built. Our quality management system is fully embedded in our bespoke IT platform and is featured in all our business processes.

We are a centrally operated business, which offers cost benefits that can be passed onto our customers. Although our business functions with 14 individual service centres, our entire operation is managed via our central hub at Biggleswade.