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Leaded BronzeLeaded Bronze

Less expensive when compared to other bearings alloys

Our leaded bronze (also known as leaded tin bronze) is readily available and less expensive when compared to other bearings alloys. Our range includes SAE660, which is one of the most popular alloys of this type. Smiths also offer our own designated material, SigmaBronze7 which offers an added advantage of being available in metric sizes.

Leaded bronze alloys are well known for their unsurpassed wear performance and can be used against unhardened and not perfectly smooth shafts. The material offers reasonable resistance to brine which means it is suitable for use in pump and valve components.

Key Features

Along with excellent wear resistance, the alloy offers excellent machining properties and is suitable for use in the manufacture of bushes and bearings which are used under medium load as long as suitable lubrication is used. Leaded bronze also benefits from good load carrying capacity and good thermal conductivity.

A leaded bronze will generally have better machining characteristics than an unleaded bronze. It will, however, retain a plasticity that makes it ideal for applications such as the production of bearings, as it allows slacker tolerances to be absorbed if softer shaft materials are used.

Typical Applications

  • Non pressure applications
  • General purpose bushes
  • Railroad applications
  • Bridge parts
  • Bearings and washers

Smiths Metal Centres offers a range of leaded bronzes which are available ex-stock – our range includes SAE660 and SigmaBronze 7 with shape availability including round bar, hollow bar, flat bar and tube and plate.

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