Low-Cost Bearing Alloys

Our leaded bronze range (also known as leaded tin bronze) is readily available and less expensive when compared to other bearings alloys. Our range includes SAE660, which is one of the most popular alloys of this type. Click on an image below to view our material grades.

Leaded Bronze Range.

Wear Resistance

Along with excellent wear resistance, the alloy offers excellent machining properties. It is suitable for use in the manufacture of bushes and bearings which are used under medium load as long as appropriate lubrication is used.

Leaded bronze also benefits from good load carrying capacity and good thermal conductivity.

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Why Choose Smiths?

We stock products in both metric and imperial measurements which are closer in incremental steps. This means that we have products in stock which will be closer to your size requirements which may negate the need to machine the material down.

Our bespoke systems perform hundreds of individual checks on all transactions to ensure that your order is processed and fulfilled accurately.

With a sophisticated bespoke IT platform with an integrated MRP system, we use complex algorithms to accurately forecast stock requirements on a daily basis.