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PVC-u Engineering PlasticPVC-u

Flame Retardant, Chemical Resistant, Engineering Plastic

PPVC-u (u = unplasticised, or rigid PVC) is a flame retardant material with exceptional chemical resistance and low stress cracking. PVC-u shows high mechanical strength for continuous operating between -15°C and +60°C.


PVC-u machines well but ensure the machining area is well ventilated, or extracted, as PVC-u will give off chlorine if accidently over-heated. Full machining instructions are available on request.

Chemical Resistance

PVC-u has a very good resistance to acids (except strong, oxidising acids), alkalis and hydrocarbons (except chlorinated hydrocarbons). It has limited resistance to aromatic compounds and should not be considered in contact with ketones or hot water.

Technical Assistance

Our knowledgeable staff backed up by our resident team of qualified metallurgists and engineers, will be pleased to assist further on any technical topic. Smiths Metal Centres Limited also boasts an in-house UKAS Accredited Testing Laboratory which is unique in the metal and plastics stockholding sector, and extends our professional services to all our customers.

Download PVC-u Plastics Datasheet

Typical Applications:

  • Pumps and valve bodies
  • Gaskets
  • Bearing cages
  • Cores for rotary bush manufacture
  • Parts used in dental medicine
  • Sight tubes (transparent PVC-u)
  • Chemical tank construction


We offer processing options throughout the Group with over thirty power saws available to cut your material to size. It is just as economical for us to cut a single one off blank to large production runs.

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