Mild Steel for Engineering

The engineering industry is heavily dependant on steel and finds use in a vast range of applications from shipbuilding, the automotive industry, architecture and machinery building. Almost any product application uses steel at some point. Click on an image below to view our material grades.

Engineering Steels Range.

Alloying Elements

Steel is an alloy of iron that contains a small amount of carbon, much less than cast iron and usually less than 1.7%.

In general the tightly controlled carbon content determines how easily the steel can be hardened by heat treatments. Other alloying elements such as nickel or chromium can also be added to steel to create a wide variety of desirable characteristics.

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Why Choose Smiths?

We are a centrally operated business, which offers cost benefits that can be passed onto our customers. Although our business functions with 14 individual service centres, our entire operation is managed via our central hub at Biggleswade.

Our network of 14 UK service centres is strategically placed to provide you with material support and expertise on your doorstep.

We stock products in closer incremental sizes which results in materials which are closer to your finished engineering requirements.