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Aerospace Steel BarAerospace Steel Bar

Smiths offers Aerospace Steel Bar as part of our specialist steels range

Bars can be supplied to many different end-user approvals and a wide range of National specifications. This range includes bright and black bar. We also support the supply chain process with comprehensive cutting facilities - all of our materials can be processed to size, in-house, at our Head Office or one of 14 local UK service centres.

Steels for aerospace applications provide a variety of property combinations for selection by engineers. A number of grades are available and include through-hardening, case-hardening and nitriding steels. Highly alloyed maraging steels offer very high strength combined with exceptional toughness. In some instances material is supplied VAR (vacuum arc remelted) to promote greater structural integrity.


Aerospace steels are defined within the British Standard Aerospace series using a designation system within which all grades begin with the letter ‘S’ . We also supply a number of American Aerospace grades, which are released to AMS specifications, and material to the French Aeronautical specification AIR 9160. Care should be taken with the specification selection for purchase as similar alloys in different National Standards are often not directly equivalent.

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