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Maraging SteelsMaraging Steels

This iron-based family of steels are based on a composition of iron and 18 % nickel with additions of cobalt, molybdenum and titanium plus other elements

The phrase maraging is taken from the strengthening mechanism involved, which transforms the alloy to martensite with subsequent age hardening. Generally, Maraging Steels offer increased strength, hardness, and ductility.

The most frequently specified 'C' grades contain a significant amount of cobalt. There are also 'T' (titanium) grades which contain no cobalt and have a lower molybdenum content and a greater addition of titanium compared with the corresponding strength 'C' grades. The structure of the alloys are formed of fine martensite which then undergoes an aging process (precipitation hardening) giving them the name 'mar-aging' steels.

Maraging steels are characterised by ultra-high strength, simple aging treatment which minimises distortion, high levels of toughness, moderate corrosion resistance (similar to that of standard martensitic steels), good machinability (usually in the annealed condition) and good weldability. High hardenability is also a feature due to the materials high alloy content.


Applications are diverse and include missile casings, tooling, ordnance mounting blocks, high performance autosport components, couplings, bearings, load cells, landing gear components, transmission shafts, jet engine components and helicopter drive shafts.


We offer a broad range of maraging steels which are available for immediate supply. Our range includes the following grades; C200, C250, C300 and C350 which are offered as bar and forging products. Our processing facility also enables us to supply your material cut to specific size dependent on your individual needs.

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