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7000 Series Alumnium Alloys7000 Series Aluminium Alloys

7000 series commercial aluminium alloys offer some of the highest strength aluminium alloy material on the market

Our range of 7000 series aluminium is alloyed with zinc and can be precipitation hardened to provide the highest strength of all commercially available aluminium's.

Used extensively in industries such as aerospace, our range is selected to meet the most stringent customer demands. Our material is fully traceable with all of our products carrying a unique barcode. We also support the supply chain process further with our own UKAS accredited testing laboratory at our Head Office in Biggleswade. This gives us the ability to test material in-house and offer all our customers a level of support which is unsurpassed.


7000 series commercial aluminium alloys utilises zinc as the major alloying element and when combined with a smaller amount of magnesium, the result is a heat-treatable alloy which offers very high strength. 7075 for example, is one of the highest strength commercial aluminium alloys available and is used widely in applications such as high stressed parts and air frames. The corrosion resistance of the alloy is reduced due to the inclusion of zinc and magnesium, so copper is often introduced into the alloy to improve corrosion resistance. Applications for this range include critical parts used in the aerospace sector, automotive and sports equipment.


Our range of 7000 series commercial aluminium alloys includes 7010, 7050, 7068, 7075 and 7175. We can process your material in-house with dedicated services available at our Head Office and local UK service centres – these services include rod blanking, plate sawing and guillotining.

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