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2000 Series Alumnium Alloys2000 Series Aluminium Alloys

Our range of 2000 series aluminium alloys are used extensively in high performance sectors

The main alloying element of 2000 series aluminium is copper and Smiths Metal Centres Ltd have a wide range products to choose from in this alloy.

2000 series aluminium alloys are used in many industries including the aerospace sector. The materials are well known for their high performance and excellent strength over a broad range of temperatures. Some alloys in our range are not weldable by arc welding processes due to susceptibility to stress corrosion cracking.


Copper is used as the primary alloying element in 2000 series aluminium alloys. For optimum performance, solutions heat treatment is required. Once heat treated, this range of alloys offers similar mechanical properties to that of mild steel and in some cases surpass these properties. Resistance to corrosion is not as high when compared to other commercial aluminium alloy products which is why these alloys (in sheet form) are usually cladded with a high purity alloy. This process provides increased galvanic protection to the core material which significantly improves the materials overall corrosion resistance.


Smiths offer a range of 2000 series aluminium alloys including 2011, 2014A, 2024, 2124, 2219 and 2618A. A wide range of shapes and sizes are available ex-stock and our in-house processing department can supply your material to specific sizes from both our Head Office at Biggleswade and local service centre level.

Each material product in this section includes a technical datasheet, so that you can check for particular suitability.

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