Alloyed with Copper

2000 series aluminium alloys find use in many industries, including the aerospace sector. The materials are known for high performance and excellent strength over a broad range of temperatures. The main alloying element is copper. Click on an image below to view our grades.

2000 Series Aluminium Range.

Utilising Copper

The primary alloying element in our 2000 series aluminium alloy range is copper. For optimum performance, solution heat- treatment is required.

Once heat treated, this range of alloys offers similar mechanical properties to that of mild steel and in some cases surpass these properties. Corrosion resistance is not as high when compared to other commercial aluminium alloy products.

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Why Choose Smiths?

We offer comprehensive metallurgical support and independent testing services courtesy of our own, UKAS Accredited Testing Laboratory.

By combining the power of our material stock, bespoke IT platform and processing options, we tailor supply packages which makes your supply chain more efficient and cost-effective.

We are smarter than your average stockholder with a sizeable volume of certifications & approvals to substantiate this claim. We have supply approvals from the world's major OEMs across a wide range of industries.