Specialist Products

We acknowledge that our customers often look for material products which are often more 'niche'; this is why we also stock a range of specialist steels. Our range includes products such as maraging, chromium-molybdenum and nitriding steels. Click on an image below to view our products.

Special Steels Range.

Forward Thinking

Our special steels range consists of products that support our philosophy of meeting our customers’ requirements.

If we do not stock your chosen product, we will discuss your requirements with you – we have the ability to source new products from a substantial selection of world-renowned suppliers. We are happy to stock new products for our customers if there is a genuine, commercial need.

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Why Choose Smiths?

With a sophisticated bespoke IT platform with an integrated MRP system, we use complex algorithms to accurately forecast stock requirements on a daily basis.

Our processing operations which are available at both central and local level, ensures that you receive product to your individual size requirements.

Quality forms the very foundation on which our business is built. Our quality management system is fully embedded in our bespoke IT platform and is featured in all our business processes.