Stocked Shapes

We combine our magnesium stock range with individual shapes including flats, round bar, square bar and plate. We supply our products in closer incremental sizes resulting in products which are closer to your size requirements. Click on an image below to view the different shapes we offer.

Magnesium Shapes Stock.

Safe Processing

Our magnesium products come in a range of shapes including flats, round bar, square bar and plate. While magnesium is relatively easy to process, it is a highly volatile material (especially when in contact with water).

We accurately process magnesium in-house in accordance with best working safety practices.

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Why Choose Smiths?

Our processing operations which are available at both central and local level, ensures that you receive product to your individual size requirements.

By combining the power of our material stock, bespoke IT platform and processing options, we tailor supply packages which makes your supply chain more efficient and cost-effective.

We offer comprehensive metallurgical support and independent testing services courtesy of our own, UKAS Accredited Testing Laboratory.