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Aluminium Tooling PlateAluminium Tooling Plate

Aluminium tooling plate is a term used to describe a range of proprietary aluminium plate alloys that have been developed to offer improved performance over basic 5000, 6000 & 7000 grades

Developed by mills around the world to offer improved performance, both cast and wrought products are available but care should be taken to match the right product to the application as these specialised alloys have specific properties.

Mechanical strength and corrosion resistance can be important considerations but dimensional stability during and after heavy machining operations must also be considered in many applications. Dimensional stability and precision are key attributes that give these alloys the advantage over standard aluminium plate alloys.

Aluminium Tooling Plate Range:

ALPLAN ® An ultra-high precision wrought aluminium speciality plate designed to meet the most stringent requirements for size and shape stability under the most extreme machining whilst minimising through cost
CERTAL ® An aluminium tooling plate product which offers a combination of excellent machinability, shape stability and high strength
CONTAL ® A high strength alloy plate product which has very high zinc, magnesium and copper content
UNIDAL ® A high strength precision plate product which is milled on both sides and offers a unique combination of high mechanical strength with outstanding dimensional stability
KASTAL ® 300 A high precision cast aluminium speciality plate designed to meet stringent requirements for size and shape stability
KASTAL® 100 An outstanding material which benefits from added qualities whilst offering costs savings

We also offer plate sawing operations at our Head Office in Biggleswade and at local service centre level, ensuring that your aluminium tooling plate is delivered to your exact size requirements.

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