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Aluminium PlateAerospace Aluminium Plate

We stock aerospace aluminium plate products which are available for immediate supply, ex-stock

Aluminium plate is produced to UK aerospace specifications in a wide variety of alloys. Physical and mechanical properties vary a great deal depending on the alloy and the heat treatment employed, making correct product selection critical. Flatness is often another key consideration when selecting the right product for a specific application.

Modern rolling mills are able to supply aluminium plate to many different tempers allowing for maximum flexibility in the design process. Dimensional stability (during and after machining operations) is usually important, especially if significant amounts of metal is removed. Stress relieving at the mill will minimise subsequent distortion.

Various proprietary aluminium plate alloys have been produced by mills seeking to fine tune particular physical or mechanical properties of standard alloys. Many of these mills are approved to aerospace standards and these proprietary alloys should be considered along with those listed below.

Expert in Sourcing

We source aerospace aluminium plate from leading suppliers who are well known for product quality and consistency which is a critical part of the supply chain process. Our stock plates are fully traceable too, as all Smiths products carry a unique barcode.


We offer a modern and fully equipped plate sawing service at our Head Office in Biggleswade where your material is cut to suit your individual requirements.


We offer a wide range of aerospace aluminium plate products which include L93, L95, L97 and L115. Our plates are of the highest quality and are available for delivery to you ex-stock.

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