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We are a world-class supplier of engineering raw materials. Our objective is to provide all our customers, from the small machine shop to the large multi-national corporation, a supply path that continuously delivers the highest levels of service, quality and value.

Steel Alloys

Smiths Norwich

Our steel stock is popular in general engineering applications

Smiths Norwich is proud to offer a vast range of steel grades and forms for numerous applications in market sectors such as engineering, automotive and aerospace.

Steel finds considerable use in construction projects due to its strength, durability, and variety of shapes and sizes.

Specialist Steels

We supply specialist steels to Norfolk &Suffolk customers, fulfilling the majority of orders from immediate stock from our Norwich warehouse. Our steel alloys prove popular in general engineering, aerospace, and high technology sectors. Characteristics of our steel range include good toughness combined with high ductility. We also supply age-hardened maraging steels often provided in the annealed condition, making the alloys suitable for low and high-temperature service.

Aerospace Steel

We have a selection of steels, specifically tested and treated for use in the aerospace industry, available in bar, sheet, and tubular forms. These hard-wearing steels are more robust with high tensile strength and creep resistance. Our in-house UKAS accredited testing laboratory also provides comprehensive metallurgical support for our customers; this is a unique service in the UK stockholding sector.

Processing & Toolmaking

Our range of tool steels are pre-hardened, durable and benefit from good weldability, making them versatile & cost-effective when compared to carbon or chromium alternatives. With stock availability in a broad range of incremental sizes, you are one step closer to the finished product you need.

What we offer?

We offer the following:

  • A broad range of steel alloys for various applications
  • In-house processing including billeting and plate sawing
  • Different treatment options

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