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We are a world-class supplier of engineering raw materials. Our objective is to provide all our customers, from the small machine shop to the large multi-national corporation, a supply path that continuously delivers the highest levels of service, quality and value.

Energy Sector

Smiths Norwich

We support the Norfolk and Suffolk energy sector

The energy sector continues to thrive in Norfolk & Suffolk, backed by considerable support for the latest renewable technologies.

The region has continually boasted a buoyant energy sector, including traditional power generation processes to create electricity and gas for businesses and households alike. Smiths Norwich supports the energy sector with alloys and engineering plastics combined with added value services to offer our customers the best possible supply path.

Shift to Renewables

The energy sector in our territory is changing with a significant switch to renewables. Norfolk and Suffolk are both at the forefront of new, developing technologies to leave a lower carbon footprint. Apart from considerable investment in wind farms, solar power, and biomass plants, innovations in this field are constantly being evaluated and developed. As these technologies gain momentum, so does the requirement for high-technology engineering materials to support the process.

Supply Chain Support

Smiths Norwich has access to one of the largest engineering stock ranges in Europe. Many of these materials are standard, commercial grades, but we supply high-technology alloys too. We also supply engineering plastics, which in certain cases, may provide better options in terms of performance when compared to more traditional alloys. As the energy sector moves away from fossil fuels, Smiths Norwich continues to work with energy companies to supply materials that allow these new technologies to evolve.

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