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Specialist SteelsSpecialist Steels

Smiths offers a range of specialist steels including maraging steels

At Smiths Metal Centres Ltd, we acknowledge that our customers often look for material products which are of a more 'niche' nature. This is why we also stock a range of specialist steels.

Our range includes products such as maraging, chromium molybdenum and nitriding steels - all stocked and supplied to the exact same quality and traceability of our standard stocked products. We also provide an extensive processing service throughout the Smiths Group - with more than 30 band saws and a fully automated magazine feed CNC rod blanking line, we can process your specialist steel material to your exact requirements.

Our Specialist Steels Range:

Aerospace Steel Bar

Our aerospace steel bar range can be supplied to many different customer approvals and a wide range of national specifications. This range includes bright and black bar.

Maraging Steels

The phrase maraging is taken from the strengthening mechanism involved, which transforms the alloy to martensite with subsequent age hardening. Generally, Maraging Steels offer increased strength, hardness and ductility.

Special Steels

Most of these steels are produced to more than one specification and they can be made to bespoke requirements where required. We can expertly source and stock niche products – we also keep a stock range of special steels such as nitriding steel and chromium molybdenum. Smiths is committed to stocking products of the highest quality and we are always looking to source new, high technology products to support our stock range even further. We work and support many customers who have more niche requirements.

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