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Smiths Designation Aluminium AlloysSmiths Designation Aluminium Alloys

Smiths offer our own designation of high quality commercial aluminium alloys

Smiths Metal Centres offers a range of commercial aluminium alloys to our own designation. We work closely with our suppliers to develop new products which offer increased benefits to our customers. These products are brought to market courtesy of in-depth research where we have identified specific market needs.

When considering using Smiths own alloy products, please also take into consideration our credentials in terms of quality. All of our products are electronically barcoded which offers unrivalled levels of traceability.

Why choose our designation?

Smiths take a different approach to metal supply. We believe that the quality and consistency of the product is of prime importance to our customers. By developing alloys which perform to your expectations every single time, we offer alloys which ensure that your tooling setup can remain unchanged and you can get on with doing what you do best.

This approach impacts positively on the true cost of material supply. If your supplied product is inconsistent, you will need to change your machining setup regularly to accommodate any fluctuation. If you regularly receive material which you can trust in terms of consistency and performance, there is no need for you to make such allowances. This impacts greatly on the real cost of supply – no setup changes will save you time and money.

Our own designation of commercial aluminium alloys include SigmaChip A2 and SigmaChip A6 – alloys developed specifically for quality, consistency and performance.

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